OR's Vietnam Tour Honour Board

103 Sig Sqn and Attached Units 1966/67

OR's Vietnam Tour Honour Board
The OR's Honour Board hanging over the bar in the OR's Canteen.  * Denotes US Army Signal Corps

The honour board was started in the OR's first canteen named 'The Pisser' which was an American extended Comd CP tent (WW2 vintage).  Once a Hut was built for the canteen in late 1966 the name appeared to change to 'The Bunchers'.   How the names were added to the honour board is not clear as no schema appears in the layout.  Not only 103 Sig Sqn were added, the board included detached 145 Sig Sqn and US Army Signal Corps plus the 547 Sig Tp members located in the 103 Sig Sqn area at Nui Dat.

Sadly two members that were detached. one from 145 Sig Sqn (Sig Barry Logan) and the other US Army Signal Corps 53rd Sig Bn (SP4 Barry Wood) died during their service with 103 Sig Sqn and are marked on the Honour Board.    Details are below.

The Pisser   The Bunchers
The Pisser in the Tent                                          The Bunchers in the Hut


The OR's Honour Board Names
(with additional information in the Right Columns

Dtmns Sigs = Draughtsman Signals
Dvr = Driver
Line = Linemen Field
GD = General Duties
OK = Operator Keyboard
OKC = Operator Keyboard Cipher
OKR = Operator Keyboard Radio

OR = Operator Radio
Op Sigs = Operator Signals (547 Sig Tp only)
Tech Elec  = Technician Electrician
Tech Sig = Technician Signals
Tech TG = Technician Telegraph
Swbd = Switchboard
Stmn = Storeman

*    Denotes US Army Signal Corps (As marked on OR Honour Board)
#    Denotes two entries (Additional Information)

Side Panel (Left)    Side Panel (Left)
J.   Popplewell    [145] OKC
Unreadable *   [US Army Sigs]  
Unreadable *   [US Army Sigs]  
S.K.  Haas  [145] Tech Elec
J.A.  Bartlett [547] Op Sigs
E.N. Tindale [145] Tech Elec
H.C.   Wright    [145]  # Tech Elec, 2nd tour 110 Sig Sqn (Sgt)
D.M.  Muller     [145] Tech Elec
J.E.  Lobley [145] Tech Elec
Main Panel (Left) - Row 1    Main Panel (Left) - Row 1
D.R.  Roberts * [US Army Sigs]  
C.   Brown [L/Cpl - OKR]  
H.  Roberts [Cpl - OR]  
J.W.  Leslie [Sig - OR]  
J.B.  Harmer [Cpl - OR] Promoted to Sgt during tour
G.E.  Spears * [US Army Sigs]  
D.J.  Gordon [Sig - OR]  
R.C.  Eagles [Sig - OR]  
P.J.  Board [Sig - OR]  
P.A.  Connor [Sig - OR]  
K.H.  Lever [547] Op Sigs
R.W.  Eckert [L/Cpl - Tech Sig]  
D.O.  Goddard [Sig - Dtmns Sigs]  
G.R.  Lamshed [Sig - OR]  
G.S.  Mackay [Sig - OR]  
R.V.  Lacy [Sig - OR]  
A.I.  Hopkins [Cpl - OK] AKA Alastair Topp
R.C.  Hyland [Sig - OKC]  
H.R.   Ahrens [LCpl - Line/Swbd]  
Main Panel (Left) - Row 2    Main Panel (Left) - Row 2
R.M.  Sargent [L/Cpl – Tech Sig]  
A.B.  Schirmer [Sig - OKC] 2nd tour with 104 Sig Sqn (Cpl)
P.  Lathrope [Sig - Line/Swbd]  
G.  Fuast * [US Army Sigs]  
G.D.  Stevenson [Cpl - Tech]  
W.H.  Dempster [Cpl - Clerk]  
B.C.  Payne [Cpl - OR]  
I.W.  Wedlock [145] OKR
D.R.  King * [US Army Sigs]  
R.W.  Rogers [547] Analyst, Intelligence Corps
T.J.  Williams [Cpl - OR] 2nd tour with  32 Small Ships
J.  Vallance [Sig - Tech Elec]  
C.J.   Shanahan [Cpl - OKC] WIA
D.  Sprowls * [US Army Sigs]  
R.S.  Johnson [Sig - OR]  
A.W.  Lane [Cpl - OR]  
S.R.  Freeman [L/Cpl - OK]
J.H.  Chenoweth [Cpl - OKR]  
K.D.  Anderson [Cpl - OKR]  
Main Panel (Left) - Row 3    Main Panel (Left) - Row 3
N.  Molea *          [US Army Sigs]  
P.J  Donohoe [L/Cpl - Cook] Also HQ 1st ALSG during the tour
R.G.  Broadbent [Sig - OR]  
K.  Greenwood [Sig - OK]  
W.G.  Rush [Sig - OR] 2nd tour 32 Small Ships
B.J.  Reschke [L/Cpl - OK]  
J.F.  Habener * [US Army Sigs]  
R.J.  Cole [Sig - OR]  
M.D.  Holt [Sig - OR]  
N.G.  McLintock [Sig - Dvr]  
M.L.  Meehan [Sig - Line/Swbd]  
J.L.  McNeill [Sig - OR] Wrongly listed as RAINF Pte on VV Roll
R.K.  Mueller * [US Army Sigs]  
J.R.  Carpenter [145] OKR
R.J.  Brown [547] Op Sigs
R.  Schwarzer [145] Tech Elec
S.G.  Waites [145] OKR
G.E.  Forrest [145] Tech Elec
L.G.  Aird [547] Op Sigs
Main Panel (Left)l - Row 4     Main Panel (Left) - Row 4
T.E.  Drury [145] Tech Elec
E.W.  Donovan [145] OKR
R.W.  O'Brien [145] OKR/2nd tour with 104 Sig Sqn (L/Cpl)
J.M.  King [145] OKR
M.O.  Brand [Sig - OR]  
R.J.  Parker [145]  # Tech Elec
P.  Davis * [US Army Sigs]  
B.R.  Schwarz [145] OKR/2nd tour with Det 152 Sig Sqn (2Lt)
T.J.  Hudson [145] OKR
M.S.  Bradshaw [145] Tech Elec
G.D.  Hastie [145] Tech Elec
D.A.  Storer [145] Line
C.  Jones * [US Army Sigs]  
I.R.  Laufer [Cpl - OR] Completed tour with 104 Sig Sqn
G.J.  Franklin [Cpl - OR] Completed tour with 104 Sig Sqn
W.D.  Sparkman * [US Army Sigs]  
K.  Clearhan [Sig - OR] Correct spelling 'Clearihan'
D.N.  Quinn [Sig - ?] 2nd tour with Det 152 Sig Sqn
Main Panel (Right) - Row 1    Main Panel (Right) - Row 1
A.R.  Baich [Cpl - Stmn]  
P.A.  Sams [Cpl - OR] Accidentally Wounded
C.W.  Moore [Sig - Tech Elec]  
J.S.  Stevens * [US Army Sigs]  
M.G.  Mason [Sig - OR]  
K.K.  Child [Sig - OKC]  
A.W.  Wilson [L/Cpl - Stmn]  
H.W.  Perkns * [US Army Sigs]  
J.R.  Noonan [145] OKR/2nd tour with 104 Sig Sqn
C.H.  Simons [Pte - Cook]  
J.S.  Tootell [L/Cpl - OR]  
P.E.  Earea [Cpl - OKR]  
K.T.  Coe [Sig - OR] 2nd tour with 104 Sig Sqn (Sgt)
A.W.  Laidlaw [Sig - Dvr]  
S.J.  Chapple [Sig - Swbd]  
J.P.  Burke [Sig - OR]  
I.L.  Ward [Sig - ?] 2nd tour with 110 Sig Sqn (Sgt)
B.E.  Lane [Sig - Stmn]  
D.B.  Grant [Sig - OR]  
Main Panel (Right) - Row 2    Main Panel (Right) - Row 2
A.G.  Fyfe [Cpl - Dvr]   
T.R.  Humble [Cpl - OR]  
J.W.  Murray [Sig - Dvr]  
C.  Price * [US Army Sigs]  
B.C.  Preston [Sig - GD]  
H.C.  Curtis [Sig - OR] 2nd tour with 104 Sig Sqn (Cpl)
R.M.  Dando [L/Cpl - Line/Swbd]  
A.P.  Ellis [Sig - OKC]  
R.D.  Lima * [US Army Sigs]  
W.W.  Kerr [145] OKR
G.A.  May [Sig - OK]  
P.E.  Young [Sig - OR]  
A.J.  Tait [Sig - OR]  
R.M.  Walker [Sig - Clerk]  
F.R.  Young [547] Op Sigs
J.F.  Romig [145] OKR?
J.R.  Ware * [US Army Sigs]  
J.G.  O'Brien [Sig - ?]  
H.C.  Wright [145]  # Tech Elec, 2nd tour 110 Sig Sqn (Sgt)
Main Panel (Right) - Row 3    Main Panel (Right) - Row 3
T.H.  Scott [Sig - Clerk]  
R.R.  Walker [Cpl - Line] Promoted to Sgt during tour
A.  Cutmore [Cpl - OR] Promoted to Sgt during tour
S.  Farkas [Cpl - OKR]  
C.I.  Appleby [L/Cpl - OK]
K.G.  Cocks [Sig - OR]  
J.N.  Atkin [Sig - OR]  
A.R.  Jantzen [Sig - OR]  
A.J.  Tyson [Cpl - ?]  
R.R.  Grainger [Cpl - OR]  
R.L.  Harmon * [US Army Sigs]  
D.N.  Gibson [L/Cpl - OR]  
K.G.  Chipchase [Cpl - Swbd]  
G.J  Street [Cpl - Tech]  
K.J.  Grantham [L/Cpl - Line]  
D.  Bird [Pte - Cook]  
B.E.  Linaker [L/Cpl - ?]  
M.S.  Copper [547] Op Sigs
B.L.  Thompson [Sig - OR]  
Main Panel (Right) - Row 4    Main Panel (Right) - Row 4
G.J.  Silcock [Cpl - OR]  
F.C.  Henderson [Sig - OKR]  
R.A.  Pratt [547] Op Sigs/Awarded MID
J.K.  McKenzie [L/Cpl - OR]  
E.F.  Blocksidge [Cpl - Tech Elec] Promoted to Sgt during tour
M.  Saunders [Cpl - OR]  
M.J.  McFadden [Sig - Stmn] Wrongly listed as RAINF Pte on VV Roll
A.  Joyce [L/Cpl - OR]  
I.J.  Fletcher [Cpl - Tech]  
A.G.  Harrell * [US Army Sigs]  
P.L.  Wildes [Sig - ?]  
R.C.  Wicker [Sig - Tech TG]  
C.J.  Day [547] Op Sigs
M.W.  Trainer [Sig - Dvr]  
P.  Muir [Sig - OR]  
G.  Morton [Sig - OKR] 2nd tour with 104 Sig Sqn (Cpl)
R.W.  Keightley [L/Cpl - OKR]  
P.J.  Healy [Cpl - OKR]  
L.A.  Nicholas [Sig - OKR]  
Side Panel (Right)    Side Panel (Right)
R.C.  May [145]  OKR?
B.A.  Logan (Deceased) [145] OKR   Details below
J.O.  McMannus * [US Army Sigs]  
D.H.  Collins [145] Tech Elec
S.E.  Langley * [US Army Sigs]  
B.R.  Wood * (Deceased) [US Army Sigs] Details below
R.J.  Parker [145]  # Tech Elec
J.C.  Ardin * [US Army Sigs]
M.R.  Cardin * [US Army Sigs]  
B.J.  Norton [Sig - ?]  
R.J.  Bell [145] Tech Elec
R.  Altman * [US Army Sigs]  
J.L.  McCarthy [145] OKR
G.S.  Pope [145] 2nd tour with 110 Sig Sqn (L/Cpl)
R.T.  Fitzgerald * [US Army Sigs]  

Missing OR Names

T.J.  Davidson [L/Cpl - Line] Completed tour with 104 Sig Sqn
B.W.  Deed [Sig - ?] Completed tour with 104 Sig Sqn
G.M.   Draper [Sig - ?] Completed tour with 104 Sig Sqn
N.G.  Hunt [Cpl - ?] Completed tour with 104 Sig Sqn
R.B.   Kessell [Sgt - ?] Completed tour with 104 Sig Sqn
L.C.   Keynes [Sgt - OKC] Completed tour with 104 Sig Sqn
D.B.  Lambley [Sgt - OKR] Completed tour with 101 Sig Sqn
A.J.  Lawlor [Sig - ?] Completed tour with 104 Sig Sqn
P.T.  Martin [Sig? - ?] 2nd tour with 104 Sig Sqn (Sgt)
D.G.  Mynott [Sig - OR] Completed tour with 104 Sig Sqn
E.J.  Paynter [Cpl - Clerk]  
E.J.  Porter [Cpl - Clerk] Completed tour with 104 Sig Sqn
W.B.  Strahan [Sig - Line] Completed tour with 104 Sig Sqn
I.D.  Thomson [Sig - ?] 1st part of tour with 3 SAS Sqn
N.E.  Tonkin [Cpl - OR]  

Officers and SNCO (not detailed on OR Honour Board)

Maj  P.D.  Mudd, MID  (OC)
Capt  D.A.  Spencer (2IC and Sigcen Tp Comd)
Lt  W.J.  Elliot (Tp Comd, Radio Tp)
2Lt  W.K.  Lawrie (Tp 2IC, Sigcen Tp)
WO2  C.  King (SSM)
WO2  E.G.  Tarleton (Sigcen Supvr)
SSgt B.  Hubble (F of Sigs)
SSgt  E.J.  Collings (SQMS)
Sgt  R.C.  Evans ( Tp Sgt, Sigcen Tp)
Sgt  G.E.   Fizzell (Tp Sgt, Radio Tp)
Sgt  J.A.J.  Gibson (Radio Sgt at 5RAR) – 2nd tour with AATTV (WO2)
Sgt  V.M.  Good (Cipher Sgt)
Sgt  R.J.  Hogan (Chief Clerk)
Sgt  J.H.  Lynch (Cook Sgt)
Sgt  A. J.  Turner (Tech Stmn)
Sgt  C.  White (Radio Sgt at 6RAR) - Medevac back to Australia

Sig Barry Logan, 145 Sig Sqn

Sig Barry Logan

In March 1967 several members of the Medium Radio Detachment, 145 Sig Sqn at Vung Tau,  for quite some time, had been trying to get a piece of the action up with the Task Force (1ATF).   Finally their Troop OC, Capt Turner gave the OK for three members to work as Radio Operators on Operation Portsea with US Army forces working with 1ATF.  The three members were Cpl Wally Kerr, ? and Sig Barry (Lofty) Logan.   During their period away from Vung Tau and only days before he was due to return home to Australia,  Barry Logan was killed in action on the 28th March. 

Barry was to have been in the leading US 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment APC but had made friends with an American who was travelling in the rear APC.  So he  changed places with Wally Kerr.   The three Commard Post APC’s were in convoy when the third APC was blown up as the result of a booby trapped 500lb bomb killing Barry and SP4 Dennis Lee Bertschinger (US Army, 1Sqn, 11ACR) and wounding eight others. 

Rest in Peace Barry

SP4 Barry Wood, 53rd Sig Bn (US Army)

SP4 Barry Wood

SP4 Barry Russel Wood from B Company, 53rd Sig Bn was accidental killed at Nui Dat on the 2nd Nov 1966 as part of the US Army Signals Detachment in support of 1ATF.    The US Army Signals worked with 103 Sig Sqn providing the Task Force communication system.   The detachment was located in the 103 Sig Sqn area at Nui Dat.

No other details available.

Rest in Peace Barry

Footnote:  Special thank you to Christopher Brown, OAM for the recall on details that made this story possible.  Christopher (AKA Callsign Bullworker) was an original member of 103 Sig Sqn and served in South Vietnam in 1966/67 as a L/Cpl Operator, Keyboard and Radio (OKR).  He served 31 years in RASigs and retired as a Major.

Any detail or additional information you believe is not correct in this story please email the webmaster with your information pronto@au104.org

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