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Detachment 152 Signal Squadron

See Pronto in South Vietnam 1962-1972, Chapter 5 - Part 2

152 Sig Sqn, SASR         Det 152 Sig Sqn

On the 31 August 1966, the Royal Australian Corps of Signals component of the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) was expanded to become 152 Signal Squadron.  3 SAS Squadron deployed to South Vietnam and included members of 152 Signal Squadron in June 1966.  The  Detachment provided specialised communications to SAS.   

3 SAS Squadron was replaced by 1 SAS Squadron in March 1967, followed by 2 SAS Squadron in February 1968, 3 SAS Squadron in February 1969, 1 SAS Squadron in February 1970 and the last SAS Vietnam Squadron to tour was 2 SAS from February 1971 until October  1971.  All SAS Squadron's had their own  detachment from 152 Signal Squadron.

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Currently the principle roles of the SASR are counter-terrorism, special recovery, surveillance and reconnaissance.

The Regiment has three Sabre Squadrons (1, 2 and 3 Squadron) and 152 Signal Squadron. The Sabre Squadrons rotate in turn through the two roles performed by the SASR. One squadron maintains the counterterrorism role, and the remaining two squadrons maintain the surveillance and reconnaissance role.  On operations each squadron is supported by a troop from 152 Signal Squadron.

The motto of the Special Air Service Regiment is 'Who Dares Wins’.

For additional details read the book "152 Signal Squadron - The History of the Corps of Signals in SAS 1957- 1982"  ISBN 0 646 49998 X

Book on 152 Sig Sqn

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