History Overview - Signal Detachment

Australian Army Assistance Group Vietnam

See Pronto in South Vietnam 1962-1972, Chapter 9

Sig Det AVVRG - Force Signals

The Australian Army Assistance Group Vietnam (AAAGV) Signal Detachment took over from the last elements 110 Signal Squadron on the 12th March 1972 manning the AAAGV COMMCEN and the communication link to Australia.  The Signal Detachment maintained communications until 17th December 1972, when the Australian circuit was closed and the detachment plus other Australian service personnel were recalled to Australian by the new Labor government ending the Royal Australian Corps of Signals involvement in the Vietnam War. 

The members of the AAAGV Sig Det are not listed in Attachment B to Pronto in South Vietnam however they are listed here:  AVVRG Sig Det RASigs manning

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