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110 Signal Squadron was raised in 1966 as part of the 2 Signal Regiment to provide communications support during the Vietnam War.  Squadron members remained in Vietnam until 1972, when they returned to the Regiment at Watsonia Barracks in Melbourne.

Unit patch: White over blue square with vertical purple tee superimposed.

110 Sig Sqn Patch

The Squadron returned to Asia nearly twenty years later, providing elements to bolster the contingent supporting UN operations in Cambodia.  When the 2nd Signal Regiment was disbanded in 1993, the Land Force Signal Unit (LFSU) was raised in its place.   LFSU retained the original squadron names from the Regiment – 145 Signal Squadron became responsible for communications for the Logistic Support Group and 110 Signal Squadron became a General Reserve Squadron.   In 1995 LFSU relocated to Sydney.   As part of this process the two squadrons were split into separate independent units.   145 Signal Squadron was located at Vincent Lines with the Holsworthy elements of 110 Signal Squadron. Since being located in Sydney, 110 Signal Squadron has continued to provide ongoing support to humanitarian and peace keeping operations such as the Bougainville Peace Monitoring process and the PNG Tsunami relief effort.


17th Signal Regiment Colour Patch

On 30 August 2006, the 17th Signal Regiment (17 Sig Regt) was formally raised. 17 Sig Regt will continue the tradition of quality Communication and Information System (CIS) support to the Army 3rd line logisticians.  In its current state 17 Sig Regt consists of a Regimental Headquarters, 110 Signal Squadron, 145 Signal Squadron, Operational Support Squadron (OSS) and 127 Signal Troop.

After 6 years operation 17 Sig Regt was disbanded on the 13 Nov 2012.   As a result, 145 Sig Sqn is now an independent Squadron supporting the 17th Combat Services Support Brigade (17 CSS Bde).  127 Signal Troop was relocated to 1 Sig Regt.  

Sadly 110 Sig Sqn was also disbanded on the 13 Nov 2012 but its unit colour patch (UCP) is reserved.

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