About the au104 Web Site Family

The au104 website family was setup to record the history of the Royal Australian Corps of Signals service in South Vietnam. The site is privately funded, not an offical Australian Army website and the creation of 104 Signal Squadron Vietnam Veteran, Denis Hare OAM BEM (webmaster).

Websites in the au104 domain are:

         104 Signal Squadron (South Vietnam)

          Pronto in South Vietnam (Royal Australian Corps of Signals in South Vietnam)

          1st Combat Signal Regiment (Home of 104 Sig Sqn) (104 Sig Sqn Post South Vietnam)

Denis Hare at FSPB Lion overlayed with 104Any missing names or other information that may not be correct, please contact the webmaster,  ideally by email, so they can be corrected.

Always looking for more stories and photos. Stories should be supplied in Microsoft Word format and photos as 'jpeg' (jpg) images - larger the better (300dpi min).    Images used in word documents should also be supplied seperately.

Many of the photos used on this web site are taken from slides and assistance can be provided in converting your South Vietnam war  slides to digital format, on the understanding some will be used on this website.

Contact Denis by the webmaster email address in the footer below.

Special thank you to the Signal Veterans who assisted and supplied their photos (and slides) as part of the 'Pronto in South Vietnam 1962-1972' web book and site project. Photos are displayed normally by the persons unit and therefore may include activities and personal from the other Australian signal units. The year in the [brackets] in the description of each photo details the year the photo was taken.

Since 2006 the '104 Sig Sqn' and 'Pronto in South Vietnam' websites have been archived by PANDORA (Australia's Web Archive) under the sponsorship of the Australian War Memorial.  PANDORA is part of the National Library of Australia and the name is an acronym that encapsulates the mission: Preserving and Accessing Networked Documentary Resources of Australia.

Our history is preserved for future generations.