Album 1 - 547 Signal Troop

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1-1.   The Cell and part of Luscombe Airfield from Nui Dat Hill.  Photo supplied by David Murphy (104 Sig Sqn) [1969]

1-2.  Nui Dat from the air.  Kangaroo Pad and Nui Dat Hill in centre.  104 Sig Sqn and 547 Sig Tp '6 o'clock' from Nui Dat Hill/Kangaroo Pad.  The Cell '9 o'clock' from Nui Dat Hill.  Photo from internet source.

1-3.  Brigadier Trevor Richards.  As a Captain deployed 547 Sig Tp to South Vietnam in 1966. Photo from Unit History.

1-4.   547 Compound Gate off Semaphored Ave, 104 Sig Sqn area.  Photo supplied by Ken MacKenzie (104 Sig Sqn)[1971]

1-5.   One of 547 Sig Tp building.  Photo supplied by Brian Stevens (145 Sig Sqn) [1966]

1-6.  Cessna 180 with Australian Designed ARDF equipment. 
Note Antenna pod under fuselage.  Pod was lowered once airborne.   Photo supplied by Denis Hare (104 Sig Sqn) [1968]

ARDF = Airborne Radio Direction Finding

1-7.  L-R Mrs G.F Hughan and Mrs L. Fenton help sort clothes for the children of Baria Orphanage in Aug 1970.  Photo from Unit History.

1-8.   547 Sig Tp wife's at Borneo Barracks (Cabarlah, Queensland) Jul 1971.  Photo from Unit History.

1-9.   547 Sig Tp wife's at a Curry Luncheon ay Borneo Barracks.  Money raised was used to assist an orphanage the 547 men in Vietnam were supporting.  Photo from Unit History.

1-10.  547 Sig Tp weapon pit.  Photo supplied by Kev Lever [1966]

1-11.  VC Radio Operator from captured film.  547 Sig Tp were very successful at electronically tracking them and their units.  Photo from Unit History.

1-12.  VC from captured film.   Photo from Unit History.

VC = Viet Cong (Victor Charlie in radio transmissions and general talk)

1-13.  VC Radio equipment presented to 547 Sig Tp by 6RAR.  Photo from Unit History.

1-14.   Unknown 547 Sig Tp resting after a hard period on the headsets!   Photo supplied by Denis Stone [1968]

1-15.  547 Sig Tp redeployed to Vung Tau in late 1971 just before the unit RTA.   Photo from Unit History.

L-R  Tony Bridges and Ralph Schwer.  Photo from Unit History.

1-17.  The unit flag.  Photo supplied by Denis Stone [1968]

1-18.    The Cell under test in SA before deployment to Vietnam. 
L-R  Capt John Duncan, WO Jack Hooker and Cpl Speed Peters.  Photo supplied by John Peters [1968]

L-R Stu Malone, Mal Raymond, Jack Fenton, Zeb Jeffery, Tom Billard and Kevin Condon at Bien Hoa.  Photo from Unit History.

1-20.  The Minister 'Steve Zagon' at the Wedding -
See 'The Unclassified History 547 Sig Tp in SVN' - Chapter 5 for story.   Photo supplied by Denis Stone [1968]

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