Story 4 - The Princess Anne Banner

RASigs - The Princess Anne Banner
Princess Anne passes behind the Princess Anne Banner at the 75th anniversary parade
 for the Royal Australian Corps of Signals

Background Banners

In ancient times a banneret was a knight privileged to display, in the field a square banner, as distinct from the tapering pennon (pennant) of a simple knight.

In the 13th Century England any commander of a troop of ten or more lancers who was not an Earl was usually a Banneret.

Later, in both England and France, the style became a title of honour, conferred for distinguished military service.

The first Banners awarded to the Australian Army were presented on 14th November 1904 to:

Each Light Horse Regiment
The Royal Australian Artillery
The Royal Royal Australian Army Medical Corps

They were awared "in recognition of valuable services to The Empire in the Boer War". 

By March 1956, these Banners, with the exception of the Royal Australian Artillary Banner, had been 'laid up'.   The Royal Australian Artillery Banner was replaced on 1st August 1971 during the Corps' centenary year.  In recent years, Banners have been presented to the Royal Australian Army Ordinace Corps, the Royal Australian Corps of Transport, and to the Royal Australian Electrical and Mehanical Engineers, Royal Military College, 1st Recruit Training Battalion and the Army Apprentices School.

The Princess Anne Banner

On the 10th September 1980, approval was given by Her Royal Highness The Princess Anne (Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Australian Corps of Signals) for the Corps to carry a banner bearing her cypher.  The Banner is to be know as 'The Princess Anne Banner'.

RASigs - The Princess Anne Banner

The Princess Anne Banner was presented to the Royal Australian Corps of Signals on behalf of Her Royal Highness by His Excellency, the Governor-General of Australian, The Right Honourable Sir Ninian Stephen, A.K., G.C.M.G., G.C. V.O., K.B.E. at Simpson Barracks on Saturday, 29th November 1986.

On 5th July 2000, a parade was held for her Royal Highness, Princess Anne, The Princess Royal at Simpson Barracks, Watsonia, marking the 75th anniversary of the Corps.

In the Australia Day Honours List, 2014, the FCU Cambodia was awarded the Meritorious Unit Citation. The Citation is kept in trust with the DFSS. The Citation streamer “FCU Cambodia” is affixed to the head of The Princess Anne Banner.


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